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By Chris H.

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xy tracker

Tired of losing your keys, wallet and phone? Attach the coin-sized XY4+ to any item and use the free XY Find It app to find it in seconds. It’s easy to setup, easy to use and starts finding items in seconds! XY does not have real-time GPS location information, but you can find out where your XY beacon was synced last via Bluetooth and retrace your steps. It comes in eight stylish colors that are all water resistant and comes with a replaceable battery. You can send a signal out to make it beep and make finding items easier with XY.

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track r bravo

An early-morning hassle for finding your keys before leaving your house seems to be really annoying if you don’t use an accurate keychain tracking device. This tracker is not bigger than a standard key chain and in fact smaller in some cases – these Bluetooth devices get connected to your mobile through Bluetooth LE for alerting you when you lost or don’t find your keys.

Best Dog GPS Tracker

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dog tracker

Are you the owner of a cute and lovable dog? If yes, then you must be familiar with the continuous stress of making sure that your adorable dog does not get lost anywhere. You definitely want to keep your dog safe and healthy as well. In fact, when you are very busy in your work, you want to assure that the pet is having sufficient rest and exercise. And getting the best Dog GPS Tracker only can be an end to these miseries.

Best Dog GPS Tracker

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Keep track of your wallet

Isn't it amazing to have the latest gadgets at your home? All the remote-controlled equipment makes the life as easy as it can get. Along with the modern amenities, you need a personal touch at your home, which makes it a better place to live in. The warmth can only be provided by the kids and the pets. They are your best friends. But, when modem equipment comes in contact with these bundles of joy, a massacre is likely to happen. They love to hide the remotes, keys, and sometimes your precious wallet.

Best Dog GPS Tracker

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