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BY CHRIS H., AUG 13, 2017

An early-morning hassle for finding your keys before leaving your house seems to be really annoying if you don’t use an accurate keychain tracking device. This tracker is not bigger than a standard key chain and in fact smaller in some cases – these Bluetooth devices get connected to your mobile through Bluetooth LE for alerting you when you lost or don’t find your keys.

Accurate Keychain Tracking Device

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Things to look for in a keychain tracking device

Battery Replacement Option

This is the highest priority while choosing a keychain tracking device. If you cannot replace the battery then every time when the battery runs out, you will need to buy a new device. So, it’s better to look for the device with the replaceable battery feature.

trackr alarm sound

Loudness of the Alarm

Some users face the issues of loudness of the alarm of the keychain trackers. Well, these small speakers which are included in these trackers are really important. If the volume of these speakers is not enough to rely on, then it won’t be useful to opt for the keychain tracking device to pinpoint your lost keys.

Software assistance for geofencing

A geofence is just a virtual boundary around something made utilizing GPS and/or radio frequency. If you get an alert on your mobile when you are too far from your safe item, then you need a tracker with software assistance for geofencing. Every time when you forget your keys, you will get a push notification.

trackr geofencing

Functionality & Features

While the main keychain tracking devices are the trick ponies, there is what we would say exclusive features on some present generation models. And one of these useful features is the capacity to, in reverse and instead ironically, finding out your lost keys. Some keychain trackers come with a button included that can be pressed and hold for reversing the entire location procedure so when you have your keys, you can sound an alert on the smartphone for using the similar find-by-ear procedure in reverse for locating your lost keys.

Features & Performance

TrackR is an exclusive item that will save you from getting tired of losing your pets. And not just pets, this product will help you find anything you want including your phone, wallet or keys. Just attach this tiny product to any item and you must use the app so that you can locate your lost dog. TrackR gives an alarm reminder so that you can track your pet that you have missed or left behind.


Phone Finder

2-Way Separation Alerts


Some features that make the TrackR shine is that it has a distance indicator and a separation alert. Letting you know how far your items are and notifying you if they are left behind.

Ease of Use

For its designs and features you can get a little creative and decide how you want to use it. Its easy to setup and the instructions are straight forward. Attach it to your keys, wallet, shoes, glasses, pets, anything you want!


The TrackR ranges from 29.99 to as low as $14.50 each depending on which package you got. However for its price its definitely worth it. What if I lost my keys or my wallet? I would pay even up to $100 just to get them back versus just a small initial investment.

PROS: We Like

  • Tiny, light, and sleek
  • Replaceable battery life of 1 year
  • Attach up to 10 items. Key-ring design and adhesive pad allows it to be attached to anything.
  • 2-Way Tracking, track your phone and vice versa
  • Crowd GPS enables nationwide tracking if items get stolen or lost

CONS: We Don't Like

  • Alarm sound can be faint to some, might not work so well in noisy environments. 
  • Location might not always be exact 

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My everyday item! I simply need to keep track of these just because I mis place them all the time. I try to discipline myself by having that hook by the door? I just don't remember to put it back when I return. This begins the frantic hide and go seek that follows when I need to remember where I left them. 

You have no idea how much I've lost my keys. If only I get a nickel every time I misplace these things.

My dog, Lady Blossoms, is an actual runner. Losing my phone is one thing but if I lost her I think I would spend my entire life savings to hire everyone I can find to look for her. I attached it to her color using the key-ring so it's just like any other collar now. It's always great to know where she is. Do yourself a favor - if you have a pet get one for them!

Woof Woof. I love my new collar, Chris!

The TrackR has personally saved me so many times. With the constant journey in life I'm one of those people that is all over the place. When I first got the Trackr, I tested it right away. I told my wife to hide this button somewhere in the house and I made a bet that if I couldn't find it in 5 minutes I would do the dishes. She gracefully accepted! After she hid it, I wandered around with my phone in hand. With the APP, there's a map on the top and an alarm on the bottom you can trigger to notify you of the proximity of the item. When I got close to the device I activated the alarm function and the device was ringing like mad. Suffice to say, I won the bet but being the great person I am I still did the dishes. 

Watch How I also Use my TrackR to Find my Stolen Bike!


So, now you know the proper usage of a keychain tracking device. You also know how to choose the most accurate keychain tracking device to protect your objects. So, now what will be your next step? Well, it is certain that one of the uses would be acceptable for you and an excellent news for you is that these days the keychain tracking devices are enough cost-effective for everyone to obtain from online shops at an affordable price. So, start seeking now and you will shortly enjoy the usage of keychain trackers daily and you will wonder how you ever got on without these gadgets!


The Good Stuff:
  • Design: light and tiny
  • Good Battery Life: 1 Year
  • Crowd GPS enables nationwide tracking
  • 2- Way Tracking, track phone and vice versa
The Bad Stuff:
  • Volume level might not be good for everyone
  • Crowd GPS requires another user nearby

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