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BY CHRIS H., AUG 8, 2017

Are you the owner of a cute and lovable dog? If yes, then you must be familiar with the continuous stress of making sure that your adorable dog does not get lost anywhere. You definitely want to keep your dog safe and healthy as well. In fact, when you are very busy in your work, you want to assure that the pet is having sufficient rest and exercise. And getting the best Dog GPS Tracker only can be an end to these miseries.

With the help of this product, you can keep your observation on your pet and if the provided tracker is geared with precious features, you also ensure that your adorable companion presents ultimate health and wellbeing. And one such product is TrackR Bravo, which is bound to satisfy you anyhow.

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Why choose TrackR for tracking your dogs?

Offers nationwide coverage

How amazing would it be if you can keep following your dog regardless of where you precisely are in your nation? Well, if you stay in the USA, you will be happy to know that TrackR Bravo offers coverage on a nationwide level. This feature helps you know the details about your dog, regardless of which state basically you live in. everything you need to do is install the app and you can then monitor all the movements of your dog and ensure it always stays safe and secure.

Monitor your Dog's health with Trackr

As a dog owner, it’s your optimal responsibility to make sure that your adorable pet is as healthy as possible. If you possess a dog, then you must be aware of the fact that the dog needs regular walks for maintaining an ultimate balanced weight. And if you work and don’t take the accountability of taking your pet out for a walk and left the responsibility to somebody else, still you can keep the focus on the advancement through this best dog GPS tracker. TrackR makes you cautious by making you know how much your dog has walked or rested in a day.

Easy to Use

Along with a classy and sleek design and numerous features, this product comes with an ease of usage. You can easily set it up and it comes along with a user instruction manual to guide you. So, carry it with you wherever you go to keep an eye on your pet.

Outstanding Performance

Well, TrackR can be attached to your dog's collar. It gives an alarm notification on your phone whenever it finds your pet and phone completely out of range with one another. In fact, the more interesting fact is that you can manually adjust this alarm notification procedure to ensure that you set a comfortable distance before knowing that you have left it behind. And the similar process goes for your phone. If you forget to carry your phone and have left it behind, then your pet will give you an alarm notification to give you a hint that you have left your phone behind. This alarm sound can be easily customized from your music library as well. Doesn’t it sound more interesting?

Features & Performance

TrackR is an exclusive item that will save you from getting tired of losing your pets. And not just pets, this product will help you find anything you want including your phone, wallet or keys. Just attach this tiny product to any item and you must use the app so that you can locate your lost dog. TrackR gives an alarm reminder so that you can track your pet that you have missed or left behind.


Phone Finder

2-Way Separation Alerts


Some features that make the TrackR shine is that it has a distance indicator and a separation alert. Letting you know how far your items are and notifying you if they are left behind.

Ease of Use

For its designs and features you can get a little creative and decide how you want to use it. Its easy to setup and the instructions are straight forward. Attach it to your keys, wallet, shoes, glasses, pets, anything you want!


The TrackR ranges from 29.99 to as low as $14.50 each depending on which package you got. However for its price its definitely worth it. What if I lost my keys or my wallet? I would pay even up to $100 just to get them back versus just a small initial investment.

PROS: We Like

  • Tiny, light, and sleek
  • Replaceable battery life of 1 year
  • Attach up to 10 items. Key-ring design and adhesive pad allows it to be attached to anything.
  • 2-Way Tracking, track your phone and vice versa
  • Crowd GPS enables nationwide tracking if items get stolen or lost

CONS: We Don't Like

  • Alarm sound can be faint to some, might not work so well in noisy environments. 
  • Location might not always be exact 

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My everyday item! I simply need to keep track of these just because I mis place them all the time. I try to discipline myself by having that hook by the door? I just don't remember to put it back when I return. This begins the frantic hide and go seek that follows when I need to remember where I left them. 

You have no idea how much I've lost my keys. If only I get a nickel every time I misplace these things.

My dog, Lady Blossoms, is an actual runner. Losing my phone is one thing but if I lost her I think I would spend my entire life savings to hire everyone I can find to look for her. I attached it to her color using the key-ring so it's just like any other collar now. It's always great to know where she is. Do yourself a favor - if you have a pet get one for them!

Woof Woof. I love my new collar, Chris!

The TrackR has personally saved me so many times. With the constant journey in life I'm one of those people that is all over the place. When I first got the Trackr, I tested it right away. I told my wife to hide this button somewhere in the house and I made a bet that if I couldn't find it in 5 minutes I would do the dishes. She gracefully accepted! After she hid it, I wandered around with my phone in hand. With the APP, there's a map on the top and an alarm on the bottom you can trigger to notify you of the proximity of the item. When I got close to the device I activated the alarm function and the device was ringing like mad. Suffice to say, I won the bet but being the great person I am I still did the dishes. 

Watch How I also Use my TrackR to Find my Stolen Bike!


Bottom line, the Trackr Bravo is great for tracking your dog. It could literally be attached to anything with its tiny and sleek design. The device has an extremely good battery life and support. The only downside might be the volume and it might not always give you the exact reading on a location. Other than that, it does what it is suppose to do for a good affordable price. 


The Good Stuff:
  • Design: light and tiny
  • Good Battery Life: 1 Year
  • Crowd GPS enables nationwide tracking
  • 2- Way Tracking, track phone and vice versa
The Bad Stuff:
  • Volume level might not be good for everyone
  • Crowd GPS requires another user nearby

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