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BY CHRIS H., Dec 28, 2019


With BetterBack, you’ll quickly relieve your back pain (and even help prevent it), by effortlessly sitting in perfect posture every time. Wearing BetterBack for only 15 minutes per day will also retrain your body’s muscle memory, so when you stand or sit without BetterBack, your posture will be greatly improved.

BetterBack allows you to effortlessly sit in perfect posture, easing backpain—and preventing it. Lightweight and portable, it makes every chair ergonomic. Wearing it for just 15 minutes a day can retrain your body’s default posture, so when you stand or sit without BetterBack, your posture is greatly improved.


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Make every chair ergonomic

Why BetterBack Works

Unlike traditional back supports that only focus on your lumbar spine, BetterBack restores your spine’s natural curvature (by stabilizing your pelvis) and provides one-of-a-kind lumbar support.


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Instant Support & Relief!

Put on BetterBack, set a timer for 15 minutes, and voila! You’ll start to feel the pain in your back melt away like ice on a hot summer’s day.

Easy To Travel With

Lightweight and fits neatly inside any bag. It also doesn’t need any batteries or charging, so you can count on it wherever you go!

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How to Wear BetterBack



As far as crowdfunding campaigns that I’ve backed, the BetterBack is one of the best I’ve backed and I’m quite happy with the product.I would definitely recommend the BetterBack if you have low back pain and are looking for a low-cost solution. The BetterBack really does help keep your low back secure while sitting. It may be able to help if you suffer from low back pain and sit a lot. I recommend it.I hope you enjoyed this BetterBack review. If you think you’d like to find out more about the BetterBack, you can get it


The Good Stuff:
  • The product is affordable
  • Posture correction is 100%, especially when worn daily
  • Easy to wear. BetterBack does not have complicated steps when it comes to putting it on. Users just strap and go.
The Bad Stuff:
  • During the first couple of days, wearing the corrector for too long (say, hours) will cause muscle stiffness
  • The product can only be worn when the person is sitting down. This means that for people whose professions entail lots of standing (nurses, doctors, construction workers), this corrector may not be the most ideal.
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