Keep Your Devices Charged On the Go

No Cords Needed!


Keeping your phone fully charged at home, work, the gym – ANYWHERE – is now easier than ever.

ChargeHubGO+ is the ONLY portable charger featuring patented SmartSpeed® Technology and a wireless charging pad for fast, convenient charging.

This all-in-one versatile charger ensures you’ll never have to worry about that ‘low battery’ message freaking you out again!“

The lightweight, slim design and built-in cables make ChargeHubGO+ my new go-to portable power bank.” – Rebecca Armstrong of Mac Sources

30-Days Money Back Guarantee!

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  • Pocket-Sized Portability – Easily fits in your pocket without the size and bulkiness of typical powerbanks.
  • Wireless Charging – Simply place your phone on top of the charging pad for a quick charge – no wires needed!
  • Ultra-Fast Charging – Patented SmartSpeed® technology auto-detects what device you plug in to ensure maximum charging speed WITHOUT overpowering your device.
  • Safe Charge Protection – Tested and certified to ensure you can charge all your expensive devices without risk of overpowering, overheating, or foreign object damage.

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30-Days Money Back Guarantee!