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BY CHRIS H., Dec 8, 2019

dodow sleep aid device

The Dodow is a sleep aid device that is made to help sleepers handling insomnia or other sleep disorders and fall asleep within 20 minutes. This light metronome device turns off automatically after the selected time setting. However, you can turn it on manually also with a single longer touch, nearly two seconds.

When it comes to checking a sleep aid device review, we must say that the Dodow is not a specifically complicated or revolutionary device, that’s part of its approach. Instead of being the sleep gadget with all types of applications, sounds, and settings, this battery-operated, coaster-sized gadget sticks to doing one thing properly. It discharges a moderate blue light onto the ceiling, which fluctuates up and down to help you excel in a vital breathing method that will relax you into an intense sleep.

To get a complete Dodow sleep aid device review, you must know the product’s features and benefits.

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Dodow Review: Features & Benefits

Incredible Sleeping Aid Devices

This is one of the incredible sleeping aid devices so you don’t require worrying regarding ingesting harmful chemicals or toxins that may cause issues. There is no side effect of any kind.

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Breathing techniques depend on yoga and meditation

Breathing techniques depend on yoga and meditation; hence using it helps you get the same therapeutic effects. While giving sleep aid reviews of Dodow, we must mention that using the light metronome, your mental focus will get diverted from annoying, busy thoughts to an object, making you peaceful and calm.

Blue Light Relaxes Your Brain

Its blue light relaxes your brain with its natural calming effect. You can easily carry it on the go due to its lightweight, small design. Don’t worry about the battery dying as it features auto shut off. You can adjust its light intensity and dim it depending on the height of your ceiling.

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Dodow Electronic Sleep Aid

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There are one that may work better in some cases, but as far as value for the money and effectiveness at helping people fall asleep, we really can't recommend this product enough. It simply outperforms pretty much everything else out there because it is so safe.


The Good Stuff:
  • Simple to use
  • Oddly effective!
  • Stylish design
  • Runs on AAA batteries
The Bad Stuff:
  • Only projects up
  • Could be brighter
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