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BY CHRIS H., JULY 8, 2016 

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Review Summary of TrackR Bravo

Product Name:

TrackR Bravo

Product Type:

GPS Tracker

How I use My TrackR - Summary

My Keys

My Dog - She's A Runner!

And the REMOTE 


Some features that make the TrackR shine is that it has a distance indicator and a separation alert. Letting you know how far your items are and notifying you if they are left behind.

Ease of Use

For its designs and features you can get a little creative and decide how you want to use it. Its easy to setup and the instructions are straight forward. Attach it to your keys, wallet, shoes, glasses, pets, anything you want!


The TrackR ranges from 29.99 to as low as $14.50 each depending on which package you got. However for its price its definitely worth it. What if I lost my keys or my wallet? I would pay even up to $100 just to get them back versus just a small initial investment.

PROS: We Like

  • Tiny, light, and sleek
  • Replaceable battery life of 1 year
  • Attach up to 10 items. Key-ring design and adhesive pad allows it to be attached to anything.
  • 2-Way Tracking, track your phone and vice versa
  • Crowd GPS enables nationwide tracking if items get stolen or lost

CONS: We Don't Like

  • Alarm sound can be faint to some, might not work so well in noisy environments. 
  • Location might not always be exact 


The TrackR for me has been one of the best way to manage my valuables: my keys, wallet, and even my dog! The setup was pretty easy and straight forward and it does work as intended. However, it's not the loudest device and that can be a problem if you're at a noisy place. Bottom line, it helps you locate lost belongings and reminds you if you leave them behind, but its low volume can limit how you use it.

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"I though my life was over when I lost my Phone - my pictures, my contacts, my work, my memories..."

My Full TrackR Review

During the New Years, I was with my friends and family celebrating at Times Square in New York. Like everyone, I had my phone out taking pictures and cherishing the memories. When the ball finally dropped, we were all ecstatic! The cold winter night was warm with cheers and joy. I remember taking tons of pictures and recorded tons of video clips. 

On my way back to the hotel, I realized my phone was missing. To my dismay, it felt like my world fell apart because here I am who's life revolved around my phone - suddenly went missing. I had more than just pictures and videos, I had important events scheduled on my calendars, my private history of passwords and emails, literally my entire time. My life suddenly vanished, and not only did it felt like my privacy was jeopardized but also how much time and effort it would take to set up everything again. I am usually responsible, but it doesn't matter because of how quickly one event could lead to all this inconvenience. 

If only I had something to track my phone right? 

How about this? Imagine this situation:

​You woke up late and you got to leave for work. You hurriedly get ready and you're about to step out of the door. Wait! You forgot your car keys! They were suppose to be in the hook by the door, a surefire measure that you have put in place to ensure you never forget it.

They weren't there. You begin to search - knowing you don't have time to spare. You quickly retrace your steps and you remember you went out with Michael last night and you threw the keys on the couch. You find them and you're out the door. How much time could had been saved if you knew exactly where it was? ​

How much time can you save in a week, month or year, just by not misplacing your valuables? Never late, never worry, and stay connected with all your things.​ 


Diameter: 31mm

Thickness: 3.5mm

Materials: Anodized Aluminum, Plastic​

As you can see, it is only slightly larger than a quarter. The differences are negligible enough that you would be able to attach this light and tiny device virtually anywhere. 

Features & Performance

Let's say you attached your TrackR to your keys. When your keys and your phone are out of range with one another, you will get an alarm notification on your phone. This can be manually adjusted to make sure you set a comfortable distance before you know it has been left behind. The same goes for your phone. If you left your phone and you got your keys, your keys will ring an alarm to signal your phone is left behind.

Interestingly you can also customize the alarm sound from your music library. I picked "Reunited" just because it feels so good every time I get reminded!


Phone Finder

2-Way Separation Alerts

How I Use My Trackr

My everyday item! I simply need to keep track of these just because I mis place them all the time. I try to discipline myself by having that hook by the door? I just don't remember to put it back when I return. This begins the frantic hide and go seek that follows when I need to remember where I left them. 

You have no idea how much I've lost my keys. If only I get a nickel every time I misplace these things.

My dog, Lady Blossoms, is an actual runner. Losing my phone is one thing but if I lost her I think I would spend my entire life savings to hire everyone I can find to look for her. I attached it to her color using the key-ring so it's just like any other collar now. It's always great to know where she is. Do yourself a favor - if you have a pet get one for them!

Woof Woof. I love my new collar, Chris!

The TrackR has personally saved me so many times. With the constant journey in life I'm one of those people that is all over the place. When I first got the Trackr, I tested it right away. I told my wife to hide this button somewhere in the house and I made a bet that if I couldn't find it in 5 minutes I would do the dishes. She gracefully accepted! After she hid it, I wandered around with my phone in hand. With the APP, there's a map on the top and an alarm on the bottom you can trigger to notify you of the proximity of the item. When I got close to the device I activated the alarm function and the device was ringing like mad. Suffice to say, I won the bet but being the great person I am I still did the dishes. 

Watch How I also Use my TrackR to Find my Stolen Bike!


Bottom line, the Trackr Bravo is great for tracking down stolen or lost valuables. It could literally be attached to anything with its tiny and sleek design. The device has an extremely good battery life and support. The only downside might be the volume and it might not always give you the exact reading on a location. Other than that, it does what it is suppose to do for a good affordable price. 


The Good Stuff:
  • Design: light and tiny
  • Good Battery Life: 1 Year
  • Crowd GPS enables nationwide tracking
  • 2- Way Tracking, track phone and vice versa
The Bad Stuff:
  • Volume level might not be good for everyone
  • Crowd GPS requires another user nearby

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