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To Heat Up Any Room


The Perfect Solution For Any Cold Space


Nowadays, handy heaters are becoming very famous. Its small size and less energy consumption capacity are the main reasons behind its growing demand. More significantly, it provides a quick and efficient way of warming up every room in your house at an affordable rate. Read our authentic handy heater reviews 2020 that might help you decide whether it will help you in heating or not.

This innovative personal space heater is so powerful it transforms cold spaces into warm places – keeping you cozy and comfortable for just pennies a day!​

​Handy Heater is portable and lightweight! So you can now enjoy warm, comforting heat anywhere – living rooms, bathrooms*, offices, RV/Campers, garages and more – without raising your electric bill.


30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

Features of Handy Heater

It’s a tiny electric heater that you just require for plugging into a power outlet and the warmth already fills the room. In comparison with other fan heaters and full radiators, handy heater plug-in offers different positive features:

  • ​Compact and perfect for traveling
  • Saves electricity and money
  • Can be installed easily at the socket
  • Handy and portable
  • Plugs into any outlet
  • Automatically turns off when the fixed temperature is reached
  • Heats up to 250 square feet
  • Works as a personal heater
  • Contains digital temperature display
  • Features on/off with a timer


Over 2 Million Handy Heaters sold and counting!

  • Heat Up ANY Area in Minutes! – Thermo-ceramic design and adjustable heat quickly heat up any space up to 250 sq feet!
  • Works Out Of The Box – Just Plug It In! Simply plug the Handy Heater into any standard electric outlet and start enjoying your warm and cozy space.
  • Save On Heating Bills! – You no longer have to choose between staying warm and expensive heating bills. Handy Heater is purposely designed to be energy efficient and just as effective as those bulky, expensive space heaters.
  • Take It Anywhere! – The compact size makes it easy to travel and keeps you warm no matter where you are… perfect for the office, living room, cold bathrooms*, RV/campers, and even garages!
  • Easily Control The Temperature – The adjustable thermostat is simple and effective! The buttons are large, easy to press, and straightforward – anyone can understand it (from little kids to non-techy adults).
  • Put Heat On an Automatic Timer (customer favorite feature!) – Schedule the Handy Heater to turn on 30 minutes before you arrive and turn off shortly after you leave. No energy wasted – just cozy, comfortable heat whenever, wherever!

Get 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Why Do You Require A Handy Heater?

This tiny electric heater is a good heating option. In rooms where you cannot set up an ordinary heater, you can use the handy heater for heating the room slightly.

Where Can You Purchase Handy Heater?

Albeit this tiny electric heater is available on Amazon, you should always buy it from its official manufacturer’s website for preventing any duplication. On its manufacturer’s website, you will get ample discounts on the devices.

Bottom Lines

All in all, the Handy Heater is a portable, compact personal heater that provides lots of value for money. It contains safety features and works perfectly as a personal heater. Its range of temperature is very impressive and makes enough space for you to work. Buy it online at a reasonable rate.