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BY CHRIS H., NOV 28, 2019


It’s annoying if you lose all your images, memories saved in your PC due to a computer crash. You must be tired of importing, organizing and backing up all your images and essential documents to your PC, right? You might forget taking a backup of all of them before you leave. This is where the PhotoStick comes into play.

What is PhotoStick?

The PhotoStick is a tiny USB flash drive that detects your images, searches through all files, and saves them immediately. You don’t require any technical knowledge for using this photo backup device. Even if you don’t know anything regarding PCs, you can save your files using this device.





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Easy to use – just plug
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PhotoStick USB Reviews: Features & Benefits

Strong and quality memory in a tiny stick

In spite of the tiny size, PhotoStick has a heavyweight storage capacity, which is ideal for professionals, students and anybody else.

Backs Up Files Fast

Finds ALL Memories

Convenient and fun to access

In comparison with a cloud backup, the PhotoStick doesn’t require any extra software for making sure effective and functional performance. It just needs you to connect it into a USB port of a tablet, smartphone, PC, and other devices. Made with in-built software, it hunts for documents, audios, videos, etc. automatically.

Operates without an internet connection

Making a photo backup, looking for documents, and retrieving lost files don’t need an internet connection if you use the PhotoStick.

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massive storage

Fast and hassle-free performance

Made to find hidden files on your laptop or desktop, the PhotoStick is exceptionally quick. It scans the folders and deletes duplicate files as you connect it and click ‘GO’.

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Thephotostick Mobile Review



Photostick does an in-depth scan of your computer to get your photos and video files. Once it finds them, photostick then copies and backs all your data. One good thing is that the device identifies duplicates and removes them. This saves you a lot of space that you can use for more recent photos. It also saves you from having to browse through the same image several times. You also do not need to pay any subscriptions to get photostick. There is no software installation. You plug in and enjoy safe and secure storage for your favorite photos and videos. Albeit it’s a little expensive, its benefits and features make it worth buying!


The Good Stuff:
  • It’s portable
  • Media is backed up weekly
  • Store up to 60,000 files – that’s a lot
The Bad Stuff:
  • Missing 32 GB option
  • Limited Stock
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