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BY CHRIS H., DEC 18, 2019

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People who use a tablet know the problem of having smudgy and dirty screens. However, finding a tablet screen cleaner that works perfectly is a tedious job. Although microfiber cloths will not scratch the screen surface, it will not clean properly. And purchasing screen cleaning sprays will not be convenient for you as well. Luckily we have Screenklean, an exclusive tablet screen cleaner. And in this Screenklean review, you will get to know everything about this product.

What is Screenklean?

Lenspen Screenklean is a smart cleaning product that uses patented carbon molecular cleaning technology and comes as a replacement to the traditional cleaning processes. Screenklean replacement pads have replaced cleaning liquids and rags. The patented carbon molecular cleaning technology attracts, seizes, and removes fingerprints, dirt, and lubricants, unlike the basic screen cleaners. You can use this multi-purpose cleaner on every kind of screens, leaving them clean spotlessly.

ScreenKlean, laptop screen cleaner, is the best way to clean fingerprints and kill bacteria on iPads, tablets, e-books and other larger touch screens! Cleans fingerprints easily using our exclusive molecular based technology, invisible Carbon cleaning compound. Eliminates the need to carry around messy liquids and dirty cloths. Product will never expire and replaceable cleaning pads can be purchased. Get at least 150 cleanings per pad.

ScreenKlean is the best laptop screen cleaner mac and has replaced cleaning rags and liquids with a milestone. The product has a patented carbon molecular cleaning technology that attracts, seizes and eradicates dirt, lubricants and fingerprints, unlike the typical screen cleaners that are only smeared and smudged.​

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30-Day Money Back Guarantee & 1-Year Warranty

Key Features of Screenklean

Because of its robust features, Screenklean has proved to be better than any other cleaning products available on the market.

  • It is an all-natural fighter.
  • It features carbon molecular technology.
  • Environment-friendly
  • Rechargeable and replaceable pads.
  • Compact and small with different colors.
  • No expiry dateWeather-resistant​

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Things to look for in ScreenKlean

Patented Carbon Technology

REMOVES dirt, oil, & fingerprints so your screen is crystal clear after every cleaning!

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Easy Cleaning

Simply sliding the carbon pad back into the recharging station cleans & ‘recharges’ the pad.

Works On ALL Screens

Easily clean your smartphones, computers, tablets, TV screens and more!

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Fights Bacteria

Advanced carbon technology safely & effectively combats bacteria buildup on your touchscreens!

Where to Buy Screenklean From?

Simply visit the official website of Screenklean. On their website, you can order this small cleaner kit. They also provide two free pads in case you buy three along with free shipping, which we think is a great deal.

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ScreenKlean by CarbonKlean

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As time goes by, everything is evolving; hence, changes become part and parcel of our lives. Therefore, it is safe to say that everything evolves for a reason. We have witnessed the evolution of technology, with high-end electronics getting better and better, more expensive and more secure. And that is not going to stop anytime soon. Therefore, it is imperative to make sure that we clean the screens of our devices with top-notch cleaning products.

This smart tablet screen cleaner is way more efficient in preventing germs from spreading. It is non-abrasive and uses carbon molecular technology rather than smearing dust. It removes dirt for maintaining a clean screen for tablets or other devices like smartphones, TVs, and laptops.

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The Good Stuff:
  • Patented carbon technology
  • Small and compact
  • Non-abrasive
  • Lifts dust, grime and oil instead of smearing
The Bad Stuff:
  • Pad can sometimes fall off as one open it.
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